Will Justin Bieber Duet With Mom On Next Album? [Poll]

JBiebs posts an Instagram clip of his mom in the recording studio.

It's pretty obvious Justin Bieber gets his musical talent from...his mom.

On Friday (February 21) Bieber, who has dropped his alter-ego Bizzle from his Instagram, posted a clip of his mom, Pattie Mallette, in the recording studio.

"Got my moms courage enough to get in the booth for the first time she sounds so good :)," Bieber captioned the clip.

Mallette stands behind a microphone, singing sweetly, "You disappeared on me like a lightning flash."

With a voice that can stand on its own, is Pattie planning on recording her own album or just messing around in the recording booth?

Some Beliebers are hoping mother and son may just team up for a duet. Instagram user thebeastyluarteu commented, "u should sing together" while ortizcer97 said, "HER VOICE IS SO SWEET AND TENDER!!!! MAKE A SONG TOGETHERRRR."

On Wednesday, after a rough few weeks that included his Miami arrest, he took to Twitter to let fans he was putting the focus back on his music and "working hard."

No word on if Pattie's vocals will make a final cut, but Bieber gave fans a little tease earlier this week of another new song, showing off the mid-tempo R&B jam with a few smooth dance moves.