Kate Mara Comes Clean About 'That Scene' In 'House of Cards'

'I've just been lying to people for two years now,' says Mara about the shocking season-two premiere.

Are you worried about spoilers for "House of Cards?" If so, get out. Now.

OK, they're gone. Now that it's just us ... so that season two premiere, huh? By now, we're sure you've gone over the scene where (SPOILER) Kate Mara's character Zoe Barnes is pushed in front of a frickin' subway car by Frank Underwood and dies a million times.

It was shocking to everyone. Well, everyone except Kate Mara.

"I knew before I even read for the role," said Mara to MTV's Josh Horowitz. "Fincher said to me, 'The great news is that I really would like you to play her ... the bad news is you're only going to last until episode one in season two.' "

Mara's friends and family didn't even know.

"A few of my family members have said to me, 'What did you do?'" Mara said with a smile. "'What did you say to the writers that they did this to you? Were you a bitch or something?'... I've just been lying to people for two years now."

Mara said she was actually excited to be killed off — "I know myself and I get a little bit antsy ... I get bored, even if the show is amazing" — even if her fans weren't.

"I got so many #wtf tweets. That was the most popular thing that people were saying," she said. "It was such a crazy thing to start the season off with, and we hoped it would be a big deal."

Big deal? We'd say so. Chances are you had to rewind just to make sure what happened actually, well, happened. Mara said that fans would even come up to her and express their shock to her personally.

"Even on the plane coming here ... this random dude was like 'I'm so pissed off you're dead,'" explained Mara. "My response was 'Thank you so much, that's so sweet!'"

Though you won't be able to get any more Zoe Barnes on "House of Cards," (barring zombie Zoe coming out from below the train, "Walking Dead" style), you can still catch Mara along with Johnny Depp in the upcoming "Transcendence," and then next year in "Fantastic Four," in which she was just cast (she thinks).

Let's just hope she stays away from subway platforms in the meantime.