Check Out Rihanna Celebrating 26 In Her Birthday Suit

Singer turns 26 while high in the mountains on a ski holiday.

How does the baddest girl in the game celebrate her 26th birthday
? Well, if you're talking about Rihanna it's with a giant cookie cake at an Aspen getaway followed by some hot cocoa and totally legal smoky treats in the hot tub.

How does a superstar blow out the candles? Let's take a look together, shall we?

Balloons, Of Course

A "Midnight Surprise" Chocolate Cake

Cooked Up By Your Personal Chef, Of Course

Plus The "Bigge$t Cookie EVER"

A Champagne Toast Because, Well, "She x 26"

Oops, You're Right, I AM Wearing a Bikini In Winter

This Is How You Live The #Mountainlife

Okay, Our Bad, This Is How You Live The #Mountainlife