Parents May Not Like It, But Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour Has One New (Unlikely) Fan

After she used 'Fitzpleasure' for a strip-tease, Alt-J's Thom Green says he's got 'total respect' for Miley.

As seductive as it is, Alt-J's dizzying and propulsive "Fitzpleasure" is not exactly a song to twerk to. And yet, somehow, it ended up an anthem to Miley Cyrus' strip-tease during her Bangerz Tour -- alongside giant hotdogs, human cornstalks and cannabis-themed paraphernalia.

So did the British indie-rock threesome shake their fists to the heavens when they learned their Awesome Wave track was tossed into all the bedlam? Not at all -- actually, they thought it was pretty cool.

"Straightaway I thought 'Wow, that's weird, she's a huge celebrity!' " drummer Thom Green told GQ U.K.. "Then I though it's not actually that weird. I knew she'd tweeted about us in the past and just because she's hugely famous it doesn't make it any different from anyone else liking it."

And as for Miley's controversial onstage antics, Green (who admits he's "nonplussed" by twerking) says he'd be "well up" for checking out a Bangerz show if it comes across the pond.

"I do have total respect for any kind of show as long as it's honest and entertaining. Miley's doing a pretty good job of that. I respect the control she seems to have right now on her own life... I wouldn't rule out a collaboration, her voice might suit some of our music!"

She's not slated to make any U.K. appearances, but Green shouldn't lose hope: Despite reports that parental complaints have forced several arenas to cancel Bangerz shows, a rep tells MTV News those rumors are "completely made up."

"There is no truth whatsoever to any stories or rumors of venues pulling out of the Bangerz Tour. Miley has created a tour that's big, spectacular, entertaining and everything you would expect from Miley Cyrus. Reviews have been amazing and most important, fans are loving the show and having a great time. She can't wait to bring the show to all her fans across the country."