Giving Christina Aguilera Singing Advice 'Freaked Out' A Great Big World

AGBW tells MTV News about recording with Xtina.

Since dropping their debut LP, Is There Anybody Out There?, the guys from A Great Big World have, in many respects, blown-up overnight. And although Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino have seen the top of the iTunes chart, another career memory stands out for the duo: recording with Christina Aguilera.

The acts joined forces after "Say Something" was featured on "So You Think You Can Dance." And within a week of the episode airing, Ian and Chad received word that the diva wanted to collaborate on another version of the single.

"Recording with Christina Aguilera was a huge, surreal experience because she's Christina Aguilera," Chad told MTV News. "I felt like we both grew, like, tremendously after that."

"Because we'd never worked with someone who's had that much success and who's done as many things as she has, we were kind of thrust into this and we didn't feel comfortable yet," Ian said. "[We weren't] confident yet that we maybe deserved to be there, maybe what we have to say matters and we can collaborate with her and we can give her advice, vocal advice."

Doling out singing advice to Christina may seem like a daunting task, and it was something the guys had to resort to.

"I mean, I'm still freaked out at the idea of giving her any vocal direction but there was no producer in the room so we had to work it out together," Ian added.

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While many artists of her caliber have reputations of being a nightmare to work with and having huge egos, AGBW said working with Xtina was the complete opposite.

"She came into that recording session not wanting to take over the song and not wanting to take a verse and she was like, 'I want to let the song breathe and I just want to be a texture.' So we pressed record and let her do her thing and that's what happened," he explained. "It's so crazy; never in a million years would we have thought this would happen."