Justin Bieber Gets Back To Work, Plans To 'Be Great' Again

'Dance rehearsal. Guitar practice. Workouts. Voice strengthening. Studio writing sessions,' Bieber tells fans.

Great news, Beliebers! Justin Bieber is getting back to what he does best! No, not [article id="1720509"]egging his neighbor's house[/article]
 (allegedly) or [article id="1721787"]hotboxing a private jet[/article]
 on the way to the Super Bowl. No, not [article id="1721768"]drag racing[/article]
 (allegedly), or [article id="1720946"]mouthing off to cops[/article]
 during his arrest, or peeing in a mop bucket, or getting into it with a limo driver, or...

Never mind. He's working on new music!

"Dance rehearsal. Guitar practice. Workouts. Voice strengthening. Studio writing sessions," he wrote on Wednesday.

Sure, it's been a rough patch for Bieber, who is facing a raft of legal issues from Canada to Florida and Los Angeles, but he's clearly drawing some inspiration from his fans and he's grateful for their support. "I see all your comments," he wrote. "Keep strong. Be the best that you can."

And, of course, they are standing firmly behind him, reminding Bieber how proud they are of him.

For now, Bieber, who was recently pictured [article id="1721872"] partying with Rick Ross and Diddy[/article]
 and in the studio with T-Pain, is just hoping that they can "change the world together." And, in the meantime, on Thursday morning (February 20) he was getting pumped up for Friday's sure-to-be-epic U.S. versus Canada hockey rematch at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.