'Cool Runnings' Gets A Sochi Olympics Reboot: Watch Now

Enjoy some cool as ice acting from some of America's top bobsledders as part of 'Retromania: Team USA,' airing all week on MTV.

If you were a competitive men's ice skater, it's practically part of your training to watch Will Ferrell's "Blades of Glory."

So, by that token, if you spend most of your time ducking down inside a bobsled shooting down an ice tube at 80 m.p.h., when you're off the track chances are you've unwound by streaming the classic 1993 Jamaican bobsled comedy "Cool Runnings."

"As bobsledders, one of the questions we're always asked is if we've seen 'Cool Runnings,'" Curt Tomasevicz, a gold medal bobsledder from the 2010 Olympics and member of the U.S. team competing in Sochi, Russia, told MTV's "Retromania: Team USA."

"Yes we have, and yes we love it." How much do they love it? Well, enough to indulge us in a dramatic recreation of some of the iconic scenes from the ultimate Olympics underdog sports comedy. Now, keep in mind, these folks are amazing at running fast on ice, hopping into a gleaming sled and steering it to gold (or silver, or bronze), but they're not, you know, actors.

So, enjoy skeleton racer Annie O'Shea, two- and four-man sledder Chris Fogt, skeleton and bobsled slider Andreas Drbal and Sochi silver medalist Lauryn Williams trying to capture the dramatic "look in the mirror" pump-up speech from Malik Yoba's Yul Brenner.

And, please, try not to laugh, like Sochi bronze medalist Aja Evans did, when she tried to capture the essence of Rawle Lewis' nerve-wracked Junior Bevil. Because at least bronze medalist Jamie Greubel remembered Bevil's speech about pride, though silver medalist Elana Meyers delivered it with a bit more enthusiasm. And you have to hand it to four-man sledder Justin Olsen, because he delivered his "pride" line with a big smile.

And two-man bobsled driver Cory Butner brought the right mix of intensity and determination to his take on Bevil, even if his Jamaican accent was, well, you know, not as sharp as the blades on his sled.

Because we have the Sochi Winter Olympics fever just like you (except, seriously, enough with the curling already) MTV is celebrating "Retromania: Team USA" all week, nodding to the Olympic spirit with current and former Team USA athletes revisiting and remixing some of their favorite music, movie, TV and cultural moments from the late 1990s through the mid-2000s.

"Retromania" will be celebrating the Olympics all week. Tune in to MTV to catch up with athletes past and present, including 2014 Gold medalist Jamie Anderson, 2014 Silver medalist Gus Kenworthy and 2014 Bronze medalist Kelly Clark to snowboarders Alex Deibold, Hannah Teter
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