When Lorde Met Mac Miller: Watch Him Describe The 'Awesome' Encounter

Pittsburgh MC met up with the 'Royals' singer in Australia and immediately loved her.

Who doesn't love Lorde? The 17-year-old sensation has taken a hold of the pop world, not only with her breakout hit "Royals," but with her cool and collected approach to fame. And she's getting attention outside of pop, as well: Mac Miller tells us when he first met the singer, he was immediately drawn to her.

"Lorde, I didn't know what type of person she was going to be, because she is getting so much acclaim right now. But she's just awesome, awesome person," Mac told MTV News on February 7, after he returned from his trip to Australia, where he met the breakout star.

"I love Lorde, I think she's creative and she believes what she says and that's to me the most important thing about any artist," he continued. "You're saying something to the world, do you believe it?"

During his trip, Mac even snapped a picture with Lorde and posted it to Instagram with a caption that read: "Very awesome person. Very pure soul."

Mac isn't sure if a collaboration would happen just yet — he doesn't feel like he's on her level — but we think he was just being modest.

"I'm not really on her level yet skill-wise, but me and Diplo will do something because he likes to make money," he said jokingly of his "Goosebumpz" collaborator.