This 'Frozen' Deleted Scene Would Have Completely Changed The Movie

In an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray, we see Anna and Elsa behave very differently.

"Frozen" was the rare film that didn't just find fans across generations; it became a cultural talking point thanks to its progressive characters and storyline, which emphasized the relationship between two sisters as opposed to a romantic one.

The separation and eventual reunion of Anna and Elsa was the heart of "Frozen" mostly because of the sadness that filled the movie's first act. Once best friends, the two are driven apart by Elsa's powers, but the rift between them wasn't as wide in earlier drafts of the script. In an exclusive deleted scene from "Frozen," we're given a glimpse at a very different starting point for Anna and Elsa's relationship.

As directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee explain in the scene's introduction, the sequence was originally set to take place immediately before Elsa's coronation and was intended to serve as a demonstration of Anna's quirky personality.

The interaction between the two princesses, however, goes against much of what was established earlier in the movie. If the deleted scene had been included, the separation of the sisters wouldn't have been as definite, and their eventual reunion would not have been as meaningful.

The clip goes to show just how different one scene can make an entire movie. While, the outtake does have the "Frozen" charm that everyone fell in love with, I have to agree with the directors' call to cut it.

"Frozen" will be available for digital download on February 25 and on Blu-ray and DVD on March 18.