We Figured Out The Secret Meaning Of Pharrell's G I R L Album Title

'Grandmas In Red Lobster?' We solve the riddle of Pharrell's mysteriously titled solo album.

Pharrell Williams took another step towards ubiquity on Wednesday, announcing [article id="1722521"]the release date for his second solo album[/article], the mysteriously (and emphatically) titled G I R L.

While there's not a whole lot we know about the album — outside of the fact that it will feature his latest smash, [article id="1717913"]"Happy,"[/article] and, apparently, [article id="1718349"]no rapping[/article] — given that his group N.E.R.D. is an acronym for "No one Ever Really Dies," I'm willing to bet this record follows suit: an early guess is that its title stands for "Greatest In Real Life" (because, after [article id="1722185"]the year he's had[/article], Pharrell can basically lay claim to that title).

Of course, that's just one option. Turns out, there are plenty of other acronyms he could choose ... and here are some of my favorites.

"Giraffes In Red Loafers"

"Get It Right, Larry"

"Grizzled Independent Rabbi League"

[article id="1708517"]"Get Incredibly, Really Lucky"[/article]

[article id="1721140"]Gosh, It's A "Really Large (Hat)"[/article]

"Going Into Railway Law"

"Grandmas In Red Lobster"

"Gradually Ingratiating to Radio Listeners"

"Ginseng Isn't a Reliable Laxative"

"Gorillas In Reclining La-Z-Boys"

"Gonna Impugn [article id="1718976"]'Royals,'[/article] Lorde"

"Grueling Indie R&B Listen"

"Get In, Ralph Lauren"

"Getting In Really Late"

"Girls In Respectful Loungewear ([article id="1710633"]'Blurred Lines, Part II'[/article])"

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