Wait, Was That Harry Styles On Jimmy Fallon's Second 'Tonight Show?'

Kristen Wiig dressed up like the One Direction star and Fallon's barbershop quartet took on an R. Kelly classic.

Maybe Jimmy's gonna make it after all. After putting up big numbers on the celebrity-packed
 night one of his "Tonight Show"
 tenure — around 11.3 million viewers and a 7.1 rating — Jimmy Fallon hit another pair of homers on Tuesday night with a bit and a song that were further proof that he really is bringing an old-school variety show vibe to his new gig.

Harry Styles Looks Weird

One of the night's biggest laughs came when Fallon introduced surprise guest Harry Styles of One Direction. OK, it was totally not Harry, but old "Saturday Night Live" pal Kristen Wiig in a slim black suit, V-neck t-shirt, pointy boots and a swirly head wig.

And, for a minute, she seemed to forget she was Harry, because she just totally bailed on her English accent. "You're accent is different in person, I thought you'd have more of an accent," he told Harry/Kristen. "Oh," Wiig replied.

So, about a minute in, she dropped into the accent, and then immediately out of it as she, very poorly, recalled how One Direction formed. "I have to use two hair dryers at the same," he/she then explained about how his/her famous hairdo came together.

Fallon then hit the fake Harry with the "Rapid Fire Round" and here's what we found out about the British heartthrob:

Favorite food: carnitas

Favorite color: green

Favorite animal: giraffe

Favorite movie: "Star Wars"

Favorite actor: Denzel Washington

Favorite snowboarding trick: The Half-Kicker (totally not a thing)

For the record, as opposed to what Wiig said, 1D were not discovered after sending a cassette tape to RCA (Simon Cowell signed them from the "X Factor") and Styles' name is not spelled "Stiles," as in Julia.

The bit ended with Wiig singing one of his/her biggest hits, "What Makes You Beautiful," really, really badly, before Jimmy bailed him/her out by joining in on the chorus.

Is It The Freakin' Weekend Already?

Fallon's fake barbershop quartet, the Ragtime Gals, smashed hits by Shaggy, Color Me Badd and Justin Timberlake in the past on his old "Late Night" show, but Tuesday night they killed the game with one of R. Kelly's all-time classics.

Wearing candy-striped hats and suits, the group sang in perfect four-part harmony on the "Ignition (Remix)," including the iconic opening lines, "But hey pretty girl I'm feelin' you/ The way you do the things you do/ Remind me of my Lexus coup/ That's why I'm all up in your grill."

They gave it that toot toot and that beep beep and by the time Jimmy soft-sang the "bounce, bounce, bounce," forget about it. Slam dunk.