PREMIERE: Mozes And The Firstborn's 'Bloodsucker' Video Will Make You Cringe

They take the whole 'blood' thing pretty literally.

Have you had your daily dose of unnerving yet today? No? Well, you best check out Mozes and the Firstborn's new video for "Bloodsucker," off of their recently released self-titled record. Let's just say that the vid takes the title pretty literally.

I'm not talking about vampires or anything of that ilk here; the video features a man going through a relatively normal toothbrushing routine — until things take a surprisingly bloody turn.

"When Raven and I were bouncing back and forth ideas for the video I remembered this dream I had a while ago," lead singer Melle Dielesen told MTV News, referring to the band's drummer. "I was brushing my teeth with a razor blade and it obviously freaked me out."

The video was also inspired by a short film by Martin Scorsese titled "The Big Shave," in which a man shaves away first his hair, then his skin.

"When Raven and I were brainstorming we decided it had to be something unsettling, something that would catch the viewer off guard and make him feel uneasy," Dielesen added. "The idea of brushing your teeth with a razor blade just seemed to feel right and fit the mood of the song."

The song, like many jams on the Dutch band's album, is simple — yet cutting (pun intended). Driving verses ("Do you really think you're all that matters?/Do you really fear you're on your own?) lead into an almost lilting chorus (the crooned word "bloodsucker") leaving the listener, and protagonist, flayed bare.

When it came to the actual mechanics of the video, Dielesen said that it was directed by friend Jeroen Dankers and "involved a lot of blood capsules, a fake razor blade, some pieces of bacon and a lot of improvisation."

Check out the bloody brilliant video exclusively right here on MTV News.