We Made 'Gravity' Better With Kate Upton In A Zero-G Bikini

Where will she go next? It's up to you (and Photoshop) to decide.

Best Picture contender "Gravity" earned rave reviews when it debuted in October 2013, earning a 97 percent fresh rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and more breathless accolades than any film in recent history. Director Alfonso Cuarón pioneered new technology to make lead actress Sandra Bullock, now nominated for an Academy Award for her work in the film, look as if she was truly drifting untethered through space.

There's been one major technological advance since the release of "Gravity," though: Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton went to space.

OK, well, she didn't really go to space — she was shot up in one of those super-high altitude planes that go so high the poor souls inside are subjected to short periods of extremely low gravity. That's right, the famed vomit comet, used for training astronauts, filming bits of "Gravity" and now making Kate Upton look fan-effing-tastic in a bikini.

Why not just do what Cuarón couldn't and sub in Upton for a few plays on the "Gravity" poster? There we go.

Last year, Sports Illustrated put Upton on Antarctica for the iconic swimsuit shoot. We put her in "Gravity." Where will Zero-G Upton go next? That's entirely up to (upton) you.