'Retromania' Straps On A Snowboard With Matt And Kim: Watch Now

Hannah Teter, 2006 Olympic halfpipe gold medalist, shows the duo how it's done for 'Retromania: Team USA,' airing all week on MTV.

Matt and Kim have walked through Times Square naked, so learning how to snowboard should be no problem, right? That's why we sent the duo to Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado, recently with 2006 Olympic halfpipe gold medalist Hannah Teter to get some lessons on how to carve sick lines in the snow.

While they described themselves to Teter as somewhere between "beginner to pro level," Kim clarified that while she had never snowboarded, she had a feeling she'd pick it up very quickly.

The basics are pretty, well, basic: make sure your bindings are nice and tight, bend your knees and keep your weight on your back foot. And, just like that, Kim picked it up pretty quickly! "Thank you so much for letting us live out our Olympic dream," said Matt. "We'll be watching you from the safety of our couch."

Once she learned how to grind on that snowboard, though, Kim had some bad news. "The band's no longer Matt and Kim," Kim told her longtime partner. "It's Hannah and Kim." So, Matt tried to do pull the cool move and nonchalantly snowboard away ... until he wiped out. Now which one was the pro?

Because we have the Sochi Winter Olympics fever just like you (except, seriously, enough with the curling already) MTV is celebrating "Retromania: Team USA", nodding to the Olympic spirit with current and former Team USA athletes revisiting and remixing some of their favorite music, movie, TV and cultural moments from the late 1990s through the mid-2000s.

"Retromania" will be celebrating the Olympics all week. Tune in to MTV to catch up with athletes past and present, including 2014 Gold medalist Jamie Anderson, 2014 Silver medalist Gus Kenworthy and 2014 Bronze medalist Kelly Clark to 2014 Olympian bobsledders Curt Tomasevicz and Justin Olsen, snowboarders Alex Deibold, 2014 luge Olympian Chris Mazdzer
 Paralympian Alana Nichols and more.

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