Taylor Swift Wants You To Get On The Bleachers: A Fun. Side Project

Antonoff's Bleachers just dropped their debut single, 'I Wanna Get Better.'

It’s helps when your friends are into your work. It especially helps when one of your pals is Taylor Swift and she tells everyone to go out and buy the debut single from your new side project the day it drops.

Just ask Fun.’s Jack Antonoff, who unwrapped the debut song from his Bleachers side band, the noisy pop gem “I Wanna Get Better,” on Tuesday (February 18).

“Been hearing songs from this project all year and am so excited the first single is out!!!!!” Swift wrote.

The song, which has the same triumphant uplift of Fun.’s greatest hits, features the chorus, “I didn’t know I was lonely till I saw your face/I wanna get better, better, better, better.”

Famed photographer Autumn de Wilde shot her daughter for the single’s cover.

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