Madonna Or Her 8-Year-Old Son: Whose Grill Glitters The Most?

Little David Banda is sporting some serious dental sparklers.

Oh, the joys of mother/son bonding: Talking about love, life and one’s hopes and dreams — and, of course, gumming golden teeth otherwise known as grills.

Yup, Madonna seems to have gone ahead and gifted her son, David Banda, with his own pair of dental bling — just like mom.

When Madge stepped out on the Grammys red carpet last month she was sporting a mouthful of glitter, as well as an outfit to match that of 8-year-old son David.

“It pisses everyone off when I wear my grill, so that’s why I wear it — when it matches my outfit,” Madonna told People at the time, confirming that she would be buying her son a matching set soon. Banda dressed the duo that evening in snappy suits as well.

Well, it seems as though Madonna might have made good on her promise. Monday, she posted a photo of David all blinged-out to Instagram with the caption: “Someone stole my Grilzzzzzzz!!!”

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