Madonna Or Her 8-Year-Old Son: Whose Grill Glitters The Most?

Little David Banda is sporting some serious dental sparklers.

Oh, the joys of mother/son bonding: Talking about love, life and one's hopes and dreams — and, of course, gumming golden teeth otherwise known as grills.

Yup, Madonna seems to have gone ahead and gifted her son, David Banda, with his own pair of dental bling — just like mom.

When Madge stepped out on the Grammys red carpet last month she was sporting a mouthful of glitter, as well as an outfit to match that of 8-year-old son David.

"It pisses everyone off when I wear my grill, so that's why I wear it — when it matches my outfit," Madonna told People at the time, confirming that she would be buying her son a matching set soon. Banda dressed the duo that evening in snappy suits as well.

Well, it seems as though Madonna might have made good on her promise. Monday, she posted a photo of David all blinged-out to Instagram with the caption: "Someone stole my Grilzzzzzzz!!!"

We're not sure whether the falsies in question are really his and not loaners, but they certainly do shine. I'm pretty sure even veteran grillers like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus would be left in the shade.

Who do you think wore it best: Madonna or her son? Take our poll below!

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