Hulk Tears Apart A City In First 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Set Footage

Bruce Banner continues to always be angry in our first look at the Marvel sequel.

Filming on "Avengers: Age of Ultron" has only been going on for a few days in Johannesburg, South Africa, but already the Hulk has caused some serious destruction. Or at least, that's what seems to be going on in the amateur video and pictures from the set.

Comic Book Movie managed to find some Instagram photos and videos and a snapshot from Twitter that capture parts of the first days of production of the super sequel. Previous reports on the South Africa shoot claimed that none of the principal actors from the first film would be on hand, but a familiar face did pop up in the footage.

Scenes of street level destruction show citizens fleeing and a box truck getting pushed aside by some unseen force. The chaos makes a lot more sense in a second video, which shows two members of the production team rotating a bust of the incredible Hulk.

This is either so that the camera can capture a placeholder image of the rage monster to be later replaced by CGI, or the production decided to celebrate the start of shooting with a Hulk cake and the bakers are really confused about where to take it. It's probably the former though.

The rest of the photos give us a fuller picture of what's happening in the scene. It would appear that Dr. Banner loses his temper somewhere near some sort of bazaar, and things don't get better from there. As we've been told, "Age of Ultron" is more of a global story, and based on both the location and the cars, it looks like Johannesburg isn't doubling for New York or any other US city.

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" opens in theaters on May 1, 2015.