Austin Mahone Talks About His First Time... Rapping

On his new track 'U,' Mahone throws his fans a curveball.

Even though he's only 17, Austin Mahone certainly knows how to treat the ladies.

On Valentine's Day, Mahone gifted his fans with a brand new single "U," which had his Mahomies daydreaming of what life would really be like as Mahomie's #1 girl.

And while it may start off sounding like a signature Mahone track, halfway through, he throws his fans a curveball by showing off his rapping skills.

"Hopefully I didn't sound too white," he joked when he stopped by for "Live From MTV" on Friday (February 14).

And while it was just released a few days ago, it's hardly new.

"So 'U' was actually the first song that I recorded when I moved to Miami about two years ago, so it's kind of old but I've always loved the song," Mahone said. "It's always been one of my favorites and I just thought it would be cool to release it as a Valentine's Day gift to my fans."

And if you were expecting Austin to get any guidance from his Cash Money labelmate Lil Wayne, think again, because he said he did the rapping "all on his own."

Mahone is still deciding on whether or not the song will make its way onto his debut album, due later this year.