'The Walking Dead': 6 Burning Questions from 'Inmates'

What's next for Judith, Carol, and our newest friends Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene?

This week's episode of "The Walking Dead" was a barn burner; probably the biggest episode since that one where they burned a barn. But bigger! And just like at the end of any barn burning, we've got questions. Burning questions. Here's everything we need to know after watching "Inmates:"

1. Who are those three people at the end of the episode? It's always nice to ask a question we definitely know the answer to. And spoilers here, unless they go in a vastly different direction from the comic. That's Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene, a trio of survivors who are headed to Washington, D.C., because Eugene says he's in touch with the government, and they're developing a cure for the zombie plague. Yeah, huge stuff. Abraham is also cool, because he's one of the most awesome bad-asses in the history of the comic. Rosita is a human being who exists.

2. What is Terminus? Besides the ominous name, Terminus is the sanctuary at the end of the railroad lines. If we know our zombie movies, it was likely abandoned long ago. But if we know our "Walking Dead," it's possible something even worse is there. Is there a new villain lying at the end of the road?

3. When will Tyreese find out about Carol? It's not a question of if, it's a question of when. Tyreese is going to find out Carol killed his girlfriend, and any, "I did it to stop an infection from spreading," isn't going to make Hammer Man feel better. Chances are, this is a thread we won't see paid off until season's end, but one of them is not making it out of this alive.

4. Is Lizzie Nuts? In the comic, there's a boy Carl has to put down because he's lost the line between humanity and wantonly killing. Is Lizzie there, and will Carl be the one to take care of her? Because smothering Judith means things aren't right in her head, and something needs to be done... Soon.

5. Will Maggie and Glenn ever get back together? Well, sure. We're actually firmly in "Lost" territory right now, with our romantic duo separated by time and space, ultimately reuniting only to be torn apart again. All that's lacking is Hurley's walkman.

6. Are Daryl and Beth going to hook up? She is 17 so hopefully not. But also, hopefully, because they're great together. We also kind of hope Tara finds another lesbian in this godforsaken hell-hole of a world. And Bob hooks up with a bottle of liquor.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.