Austin Mahone Takes His Fans Out For Valentine's Day: See How They Respond

Eight lucky Mahomies were treated to a dinner date with the 'MMM Yeah' singer.

Ever dreamed about going out with your favorite celebrity? Well, for eight lucky Mahomies, this wish became a reality when MTV's Ultimate Fan Experience sent them on a Valentine;'s dinner date with Austin Mahone.

Immediately following a Valentine's Day edition of "Live from MTV" starring the singer, four members of our studio audience (and a friend) got their nomnomnom on with Austin after winning a series of challenges during the show.

"We had some noodles, and some other Italian stuff, and it was really good, and I'm full, and it was delicious," Austin told MTV News, who tagged along to the meal. "We had a good time; we talked about Twitter and Flappy Bird."

While this feast was meant to be something out of the ordinary just for his Mahomies — "I don't usually do this with my fans, so it's kind of cool every once in a while to take them out to dinner" — it was also a sweet V-Day treat for Austin as well.

"I usually sit alone in my room and cry," he joked. "No, for Valentine's Day I usually eat a lot of chocolate, watch some love movies maybe, I actually want to see 'Endless Love' in theaters, I'll probably see it tomorrow or something."

The prize came as a shock to 18-year-old Amber Fernendez, who originally planned on celebrating the holiday with her bestie (who she brought as her +1, by the way).

"I couldn't even ask for a better day, I don't think anything could top this honestly," she said. "We were just going to go to Chipotle and sit there eating and now we're eating dinner with Austin Mahone, so it's kind of crazy."