Eric Bellinger Shows You How To Be A Ladies' Man This Valentine's Day

'I really do everything like rose pedals, and I'ma open your door,' Eric Bellinger tells MTV News of his romantic side.

Eric Bellinger is one smooth customer. Not only does the California-based singer/songwriter hold a good tune, but he's quite the romantic — especially on Valentine's Day.

"When I say I'm an R&B singer, I mean I really do everything like rose pedals, and I'ma open your door. I'ma do all that," EB told MTV News during a visit to New York in January.

On Tuesday Bellinger, released The Rebirth album, which features his catchy single "I Don't Want Her," and while he didn't divulge this year's plans, did share with us one particular memorable V-Day.

"I remember one year I got a hotel room for this girl and did all that with the roses and the flowers and the Jacuzzi in the room," he began to recall. "I wrote a song for her on the spot."

Not only did Bellinger write a song for his lady at the time, he also recorded it there in the hotel room. She just figured the accomplished songwriter was doing his usual work and didn't realize he was writing a special song just for her.

"At the end I put the headphones on [her], she heard the music, she heard the full deal, I'm massaging her, she's listening, you know I'm a ladies' man," he said. "You know what happened immediately following that three minutes and 27 seconds."