Why Jennifer Lawrence Will Make This Year's Oscars Worth Watching

Here are six things to expect when the troublemaker presents at the Academy Awards.

With Jennifer Lawrence nominated for an Oscar again this year, we were already getting revved up to enjoy the actress' usual red carpet antics. But the stakes just got a whole lot higher, y'all: the word has come down that J-Law is officially on the ticket as a presenter.

What's the big deal, you ask? Only guaranteed behind-the-scenes access and a certain onstage appearance for one of the most dedicated troublemakers ever to grace the Hollywood A List. And considering her penchant for pranking, photobombs and general tomfoolery, Lawrence's status as a presenter means that anything could happen. Here's how she might turn the Academy Awards into her own personal night of mayhem.

1. Challenge Ellen Degeneres To A Dance-Off

Once she's on the Oscars stage, J-Law could easily hijack the ceremony by throwing down the gauntlet on host Ellen Degeneres: informing the comedienne that no further awards would be given out until it's determined, once and for all, which of the two women is better at doing the Watusi.

2. Drop A Series Of Nuclear-Level Photobombs

For the dedicated prankster, the chance to photobomb Dame Judi Dench, June Squibb and Martin Scorsese — possibly at the same time — is too good to pass up.

3. Remind Us, Once Again, That She Loves Fast Food

We already know that J-Law is thinking about food approximately 98 percent of the time, which means that we're putting the odds at roughly 2:1 on her pulling a Twinkie out of her decolletage and eating it live onstage.

4. Or Go Into A Hunger Fugue And Do Something Unspeakable

Meanwhile, if no Twinkie appears, the odds on J-Law trying to eat the podium, her own shoe, or her co-presenter jump to about 75 percent.

5.Crash Idina Menzel's Performance Of 'Let It Go'

Picture this: JLaw, dressed head-to-toe in a giant foam Olaf the Snowman costume, cavorting across the stage chased by security as a bewildered Idina continues to sing.

6. Sabotage The Statuettes

Let's put it this way: If all the Oscar statuettes mysteriously disappeared and were replaced by foot-long hotdogs wearing tiny cowboy outfits, we would not be entirely surprised.