Nicki Minaj's 'Lookin Ass N---a' Gets A Trey Songz Remix

Trey Songz flips the lyrics on Nicki's new track 'Lookin Ass N---a,' directing it at the ladies instead.

Sporty Thieves had an answer for TLC's hit "No Scrubs," with their remix "No Pigeons," and Trey Songz is keeping that spirit alive, with his remix of Nicki Minaj's latest track "Lookin Ass N---a."

The R&B singer steps out of character for the scathing rebuttal, which aims at the ladies. "I'm usually real respectful, it's just that I had to do it," he starts the song.

"Look at ya'll pitiful, typical, living with some bitch you call you sister you don't even know," Trey Songz spits on the three minute freestyle. "Look at ya'll worn out, whored out, slored out, p---y walls tore out, all ya'll bitches."

Yikes. Maybe Nicki was expecting someone to deliver a response like this, but she probably didn't see it coming from Trey Songz.

He did praise the original track, however, tweeting late yesterday, "This Nicki shit hard tho...." and giving the YMCMB rapper a shout out at the end of his freestyle.

On Thursday, Nicki was busy responding to criticism about the cover art that was associated with "Lookin Ass N---a." The image, which featured Malcom X, caused major outcry and prompted Nicki to delete it from her Instagram account and apologize. She said it was never billed as official artwork.