Forgot Valentine's Day? You're Not The Only One, Facebook Says

Plus some cards from Google that could save the day.

It's Valentine's Day and your mind is skint when it comes to plans for the big night. Well, have no fear — the digital world is offering up some solace and solutions Friday (February 14) courtesy of Facebook and Google.

First of all, Facebook is out with a fun little report featuring data about Valentine's Day and how it relates to its more than one billion users. One stat, in particular, should provide some comfort to those Johnny Come Latelys out there: one third of users start planning the big night one week before the day and, in addition. 28% of women and 37% of men buy gifts or book plans on the day of.

So if you're still deciding between a big teddy bear and an even bigger teddy bear, well, you're not alone. Still, I suggest getting with the rose-laden program ASAP, as 1.9 million people changed their relationship status within a week of Valentine's Day in 2013 (150,000 to "engaged") and you don't want to revert to "single."

For those looking to send their beaux a virtual missive of love pre-date, Google has some pretty adorable digital cards queued up. Simply navigate to the homepage and click "Share a special moment with your Valentine today" under the search bar, and you'll be taken to the homepage of short Disney film "Blank," the tale of two mice on a quest to define themselves through love.

There, you can send stills from the flick — complete with personalized messages -- to your Valentine.

Google's Doodle is also sure to give you a little inspiration today. Emblazoned with candy hearts, the Doodle is packed with love stories from "This American Life" that you can listen to with a single click.

Now get surfing!