Nicki Minaj Knows You're 'Pissed Off' About 'Lookin' Ass N---a'

Nicki tells Hot97 she wanted women to feel 'empowered' by her new track.

Sorry hip-hop, but if Nicki Minaj's rhymes on her braggadocios new single, "Lookin' Ass N---a" pissed you off, it wasn't intentional. The Queen of the Barbz was just out to level the playing field, lyrically speaking, for all of the women who never get a chance to "talk crazy."

"Oh my fod, when am I not pissin' people off? I don't even try at this point," Nicki said when she called into Hot 97's Angie Martinez Show Thursday evening (February 13). "I don't think the majority of the people are actually pissed off, I think it's just a great conversation to have 'cause it's so many records that come out daily and they're nothin' but bashing females. I think that I am in a position to put a record out that women can feel empowered by in our own way, you know? Not in a suit and tie way, in our way. We never get a chance to talk crazy and we don't always wanna tell you how much we love you."

That said, the Young Money empress did acknowledge that the single's "unofficial" artwork, which features the iconic photograph of a militant Malcolm X leering out of a window while holding an assault rifle, may have been misunderstood, which she apologized for, again.

"It was just a parallel in my opinion because he has this big gun ready to shoot lookin' ass bleeps and so that's how I looked at it," she said of the track, which will be on the Young Money compilation LP, Rise of an Empire, as well as Nicki's upcoming The Pink Print. "I look at it like, 'Yo, this is one of the most memorable people in black history that really voiced his opinion no matter what.' And I understand how my intent was overlooked and I didn't want to offend the family or his legacy. This record is not to be disrespectful to someone's legacy. It was not the official artwork anyway."

Nicki may have her guns ready to blast lookin' ass dudes, but she's got nothing but love for her friend/labelmate Drake, who admitted last year that he had been on his worst behavior when it came to the "Superbass" MC.

"You know what? Drake and I are great," Nicki said. "Drake is the one that told me to get on that Danny Glover. He told me to get on that and Safaree told me to get on 'Boss Ass Bitch' cuz I was in album mode. They was coming at me like 'get on this and get on that,' so I just happened to do it."

"But Drake and I are great, we are in a great space," she added. "I think the whole team, collectively, feels so together right now. Like we all kinda just wanna win. Wayne is about to put out his album and...I mean we just working. No bad vibes at all."

Before getting Nicki to share that she might pose for some sexy pictures for Valentine's Day, Angie probed Nicki about when her new project will drop and, as it turns out, the burgeoning female mogul may have learned a new rule or two from Beyoncé.

"The Pink Print will not have a release date; you'll never know when it's coming," she said, before adding that she's not "pulling a B." "Not all the way. I'm just meaning in terms of release date. I won't set a release date until the album is really done and until I've lived with it for a long time."