'LEGO Movie' Bloopers Feature More Batman, More Awesome: Watch Now

Animated blooper reel shows off alternate takes of animated movie

In case you didn't get enough of "The LEGO Movie" in theaters this past weekend, or in any of your multiple viewings this upcoming weekend, there's now an official blooper reel online.

The spoiler-filled, animated bloopers feature nearly three minutes more of the animated classic... But more importantly, they focus mostly on Will Arnett's amazing Batman:

Naturally, these aren't actual bloopers since the movie was animated. But it certainly seems like Arnett is riffing during the "Batman flying into the sun" scene. It also proves that this is the craziest performance Morgan Freeman has delivered since "Driving Miss Daisy." Maybe ever.

"The LEGO Movie" is now in theaters. A sequel is currently being developed, though there's no concrete news as of yet.