Streamin' Snow Day: What To Watch, From 'House Of Cards' To 'Frozen'

Make it through Winter Storm Pax with our streaming recommendations.

If, like most of the country, you're snuck up to your knees in Winter Storm Pax, you'll probably want to curl up under the covers and try to suck all the warmth you can out of your laptop. With that in mind — and with a new slate of streaming shows available on major providers — here's a rundown of all our Streamin' Snow Day picks. Just don't forget to keep that computer/heater plugged in:

Amazon Pilot Season

With five shows for kids and five shows decidedly not for kids, Amazon's Pilot Season has something for everyone. The free-to-watch selection of shows range from serious dramas to biting comedy, and will give you a sneak peek at what the online megastore might turn into a series next. At three and a half hours for the adult shows alone, that should take you well within range of our next pick...

"House Of Cards"

You'll have to survive through the cold, dark night for this one but at 3:01 a.m. ET on February 14, Netflix will officially launch the second season of "House of Cards." I haven't seen the first season, but I'm guessing this will continue to explore the dynamics between the U.S. national poker team as they live in a house together run by landlord Emanuel Cards (Kevin Spacey). With 13 hour-long episodes, you should be able to make it to 4 p.m. safely, without bathroom breaks. Please take bathroom breaks, though.

"The Russian Winter"

If the snow continues well into Friday, why not relax with a documentary about a Grammy Award winner who goes from prison, to Russia. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE AM I RIGHT? But seriously, you could watch this, it's about 90 minutes long.

""Cool Runnings"

The 1993 bobsledding comedy doesn't just deal with cold stuff, it also has the whole Olympics thing going on. Synergy! Another 90 minutes down.


No, the Disney animated hit isn't available on home video yet. But you can watch a 26-minute long YouTube playlist from the movie, which includes the hit "Let it Go" and way more. Better than venturing out to the multiplex, right?

There you go! What you do with your weekend is all up to you, but stay warm out there! Or in there. Wherever you are, stay warm.