Sweeten Your Black Heart With Flagland's 'Sugarcube'

A Valentine's Day jam for the optimists.

Don't have a significant other this Valentine's Day? Well, turn that frown into a nearly hopeful smile because Flagland has a jam about hypothetical beaux that will melt your frozen Polar Vortex heart. Introducing, "Sugarcube," off of the "panic rock" band's upcoming LP, Love Hard.

When it came to penning the jam, Flagland singer Kerry Kallberg was inspired by a song titled "Only One" by Colleen Green.

"I thought it was really lame and awesome, so I set out to write a song that was lame and awesome using the same chord change and general drum beat," he told MTV News. "I don't think anyone is the sugarcube — it's just a hypothetical really cool person who makes you feel good. I guess I should say it's about my girlfriend or something... I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND AND STUFF!"

I'm not sure I would call "Sugarcube" "lame" — but the word "awesome" could easily be whipped out as a descriptor. Sure, the lyrics are pretty simple ("When I'm feeling dark/You take me to the park"), but in that simplicity is the kind of dumb-in-love feeling you get when you start dating someone new and the world doesn't seem quite so hateful after all. Plus — guitars!

"Sugarcube" is definitely the most upbeat contribution to the LP, which drops on February 25. The rest of the record is replete with much more "bitter stuff" — or how Kallberg describes his general pre-sugarcube demeanor in the jam.

"The bitter stuff is essentially what I talk about on every other song we play — the ugliness inside," Kallberg said. "I have tons of that. It's practically dripping out my ears."

Case in point? The record begins with the singer muttering "f---;" before launching into a diatribe against love.

You take the bitter with the sweet, after all.