Let It Snow: Bieber, Miley And More Tweet About The Weather

Did you know it's snowing out? These celebs do.

Did you guys know that it's snowing outside? And did you know that some people are tweeting about it? And did you know, dear friends, that some of those people are celebrities?

That's right, famous people are cognizant of frozen water falling from the sky — just like you!

Some, like Kevin Jonas, are taking the weather in stride, reminiscing about storms of old: "This reminds me of the blizzard of 96 remember that?" he tweeted.

"Vampire Academy" star Zoey Deutch opted to kick back with some sweets, herself, sharing a snap of a heavenly looking confection. I'd like to sink my teeth into that! (Get it? Because vampires!)

Others, like Snooki, decided to take the proverbial snow bull by the snow horns, setting out into the wilderness with the resolute message: "Is this snow real life?! Off to shovel with my man!" Yes, this is, in fact, real life Snooki — and I wish you and your man godspeed.

Still others cast more of a distressed gaze at the mounting piles of white stuff. Iggy Azalea shared an Instagram video of a snowy scene, saying, "What times my flight again? I need to get home tonight. #NowImWorried #DontWannaSayiToldYouSoBut...," while Justin Bieber said, simply, "Snowed in." I feel you, Biebs. We all do.

Luckily, however, we have Miley Cyrus to help us get through the impending snowpocalypse. Check out this saucy tweet from the BANGERZ singer. Bey would be proud.