Mariah Carey Reveals What Dem Babies Think Of 'You're Mine (Eternal)'

Mariah spills on what 2-year-old twins Roc and Roe really think of mommy's new single on 'MTV First.'

MTV threw a party for Mariah Carey on Wednesday night, but she was the one who came bearing gifts!

The diva dropped by to premiere her sultry new video for "You're Mine (Eternal)"

during our special "MTV First," hosted by Sway.

But first, Carey wanted to get the fans in the audience in the Valentine's Day spirit so she treated the lucky members of her Lambily to Godiva chocolates and heart-shaped candy.

Like the diva she is, Carey also brought a little something special for herself and Sway: a bottle of Dom Perignon and two engraved Tiffany champagne flutes. With the mood set, it was time to debut the new clip, which features Carey as a topless mermaid singing the emotional ballad about an old love.

"We were in the rainforest," Carey revealed following the premiere. "That's the same [place], maybe a few minutes down the road, for where we shot "Honey," and I love it because I wanted to highlight that we were in the rainforest because it's just something we don't see everyday."

Taking on the role of the pop/R&B superstar's love interest is Trey Songz, who's also featured on the remix of "You're Mine (Eternal)."

"I love what he did with the song because I felt like he gave us a lot of different moments artistically because he's singing the hook," Carey said. "Most people cant sing, rap and have a sound that's current, yet also classic."

The single will be featured on Carey's still-untitled album, due out May 6, and it's already earning positive reviews. But we were dying to know what Carey's toughest critics — 2-year-old twins Roc and Roe, otherwise known as Dem Babies — think of her latest single.

"They know the songs; I haven't forced them to listen to songs. Monroe will start singing, 'I cant seem to' — she's 2 1/2," Carey revealed. "Rocky does the same thing: He'll be like, 'Give you up, you're mines,' and I'm like, 'OK, Roc," she said laughing.

"But then he'll be like, 'Sing Christmas song, mommy. Sing the Christmas song,' " she added. "I would say my Christmas song 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' will be Rocky's favorite song and Miss Monroe just goes with the flow."