Need To Know: Lil' Kim Pregnant, Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj Premiere New Videos

A new Marvel movie and a Tupac Shakur biopic are both in development.

Lil' Kim donned an unexpected accessory at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, while former "American Idol" rivals Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj both premiered new music videos. Today's top stories also include a new Marvel movie and Tupac's upcoming biopic.

The Queen Bee Is Having A BB

Lil' Kim is sounding a lot more like Lil Mama lately. The Brooklyn-based rapper showed up at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday rocking an unlikely new look — a very big and beautiful baby belly. The 39-year-old pregnant star didn't confirm the pregnancy publicly, but after many shared photos and congratulatory tweets from celeb friends, she may as well have invited us all to the shower.

Mariah Carey Sparkles In "You're Mine (Eternal)" Video

The original diva debuted her new video on MTV last night and, if there was any doubt, let it be known: Mariah still fiya. The star serenades with her signature husky speaking voice to falsetto notes in little more than body glitter while Trey Songz (silently) shows off his dramatic tattoos in a bare white bed. Lovers take note: "You're Mine (Eternal)" should be at the top of your Valentine's playlist.

Nicki Minaj Is NSFW In New Video

Nicki Nicki Nicki. Have you ever seen a woman so #blessed in the body? She shows it off in her new video for "Lookin Ass N----," the first single off the upcoming Young Money compilation, "Rise of an Empire." The black and white video shows Ms. Minaj in some revealing Versace in a barren desert, brandishing some serious machine guns. It's extremely NSFW but if you're huddled in your home avoiding the Polar Vortex today, check it out here.

Tupac Biopic Is Coming

After years of rumors, it was confirmed on Wednesday that a Tupac Shakur biopic is finally on its way to being made. John Singleton, best known for his film "Boyz n the Hood," will rewrite an existing script, produce and direct.

Who will play the polarizing lead role? Whoever it ends up being, we suggest getting in touch with Angie Martinez ASAP. The Hot 97 personality confirmed to MTV's Sway Calloway recently that she has over 2 hours of footage from an early interview with Pac that was never released.

Marvel Confirms Black Widow Film In Development

Our comic book dreams have been answered. Marvel Studios confirmed Wednesday that a Black Widow film is in development. Though that doesn't necessarily mean it will come to light (who remembers the Black Panther flick that was talked about years ago?), we've got high hopes for this one. The most badass babe on the Avengers definitely deserves her own piece of the Marvel movies puzzle... especially if Scarlett Johansson signs on!

In the meantime, we'll wait patiently for 2015's "Age Of Ultron," which, as studio prez Kevin Feige confirmed, dives deeper into Black Widow's past than ever before.

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