Will You Have A Better Valentine's Than Bieber? We Asked A Psychic

We have love-themed horoscopes for Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and you.

Will love — or one of its many iffy iterations — be in the cards for you this Valentine's Day? Or will it be more of a watching-When-Harry-Met-Sally-while-crying-and-texting-long-lost-exes kind of evening?

Allow our resident psychic Licorice Root to look to the stars and help you plan your night. Chapstick or tissues? That is the question.

Valentine's Day Scopes

Full Moons provide excellent lighting on date nights, and lucky for us, this Valentines Day we'll be blessed with full lunar luster during the Sun in Aquarius' opposition to the Moon in Leo. How will this full moon affect you this Valentine's Day? Let's take a look at the stars to see how you'll fare.


Aries usually loves to do all the chasing, but this year, you may find yourself a little soft and not so up to fighting a huge battle to win your love. Single Aries may find themselves not so interested in finding a date, choosing rather to focus on themselves and perhaps hoping that this year someone will try to conquer them. Attached Aries may find that they want to renew their friendship with their loved one — the excitement will lie more in, "What band are you listening to now?" rather than, "Boxers or briefs?"

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Aries born the same week as James Franco, April 19, will find that they especially are not willing to go to battle for love this year, preferring to have a easy and cool weekend.


Everyone wants more of you, Taurus — even you! Everyone is demanding your time, and you especially are feeling that quality time by yourself is in demand. That doesn't mean you want to spend Valentine's Day alone. Try to plan for a relaxing couples massage versus a night out with your date, where you are likely to run into everyone you know. Those born in mid-May toward the end of the month of Taurus are most likely to feel the demands of others on their time, feeling torn between family and work.

Taurus-leaning folk born near Amber Heard's birthday, April 22, will feel a little less guilty dipping out on their friends and family to hide away with the object of their affection.


Invitation after invitation, love letter after love letter: Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde, but you're not missing out on any fun. Lovers and friends new and old are reaching out to you, not just to say hello, but to reveal a secret or two. Expect lots of intense conversation this weekend and for an epiphany or two as a result of the full moon interacting with Mercury.

Geminis born late in the month like Kat Dennings, June 13, will likely be let in on the juiciest of secrets. Geminis looking for love seem to be able to take their pick this month!


Money can't buy you love, but this weekend, dear Cancer, you definitely know it can buy you a good date. It's likely you'll be stressed that you don't have what it takes financially to have fun this weekend, or on the flipside, you'll not be in the mood to spend what you've got. So, what to do?

If you're born near Lindsay Lohan's birthday, July 2, give yourself the go-ahead to be generous. Cash comes and goes, but now is not the time to stress. For the rest of you Cancers, this Valentine's Day will be one of homemade cards and dinners!


Leo, you are so in tune with your inner self this weekend! You're feeling centered and, single or attached, you're in a pretty good mood. Not only are you feeling great about yourself, but you're seeing your loved ones also taking care of themselves, which makes you feel proud and happy to be around such conscious people.

Leos born around Demi Lovato's birthday, August 20, will likely be asked to step in to help a friend who needs some of their sunny leonine energy.


You lovely Virgos usually have everything in order, but plan all dates to take place in a secure area where you can immediately address any concerns. Restaurants and bars contain too many variables — this Valentine's Day in one for staying in, where you can keep track of everything. That doesn't mean this Valentine's Day won't be whimsical or magical for you Virgos; y'all have plenty of imagination this full moon. Perhaps build a fort in the living room for you and your date to have dinner in? Be sure to keep your phone on silent as this Mercury Retrograde may bring exes back to say hello.

Virgos born within a few days of Blake Lively, August 25, will certainly want to block any exes on Facebook this month.


Venus, your ruling planet, has you in a bit of a time machine this weekend. You want a horse-drawn carriage! A corset! Maybe a top hat! Some flowers and a lock of hair in a locket! You're feeling romantic, and while you normally like to be the one who is chased, this weekend you're happy to do some chasing.

Libras born within a few days of Kim Kardashian, October 21, may find that their friends could use some kindness, and they may have to interrupt their evening plans to phone a friend who needs a lifeline.


You Scorpios are the most passionate bunch of the Zodiac, making you ideal dates on Valentine's Day. But this year, single or attached, Scorpios may feel that their attention is best focused on home and with family. You're planning for the future right now, and it looks like this weekend's full moon will result in some realizations of what you want.

Scorpions born within a few days of Katy Perry, October 25, will enjoy the most romance this weekend, as their partners and crushes are feeling extra adventurous and romantic.


A Sagittarius' first love was likely a flight attendant: You Sags love travel, foreign destinations and discovery. This weekend is no exception. However, you may find yourself running away rather than taking a planed trip.

If you were born within a few days of Britney Spears, December 2, you more than your other Sag pals will find that you really need a break from the ordinary and a weekend away may be just what you need. Additionally, many Sags at this time have no interest in being tied down, and commitment can seem scary or just inappropriate for where you are in life right now. You may find yourself telling your suitors, "Hey, it's Valentine's DAY, not Valentine's 'til death do us part." For those Sags who are happily attached, you too may feel uninspired by the same old, same old.


Love is on your side, Venus is winking at you suggestively, the Sun is boosting your self-esteem and this full moon is likely to wake up your psychic side. This Valentine's Day looks to be romantic, with a dash of mystery and excitement.

If you were born within a few days of Zooey Deschanel, January 17, you may have a more difficult work load to contend to compared to your fellow Capricorns. Get to work early on Friday to leave enough time for you to prepare for your hot date in the evening!


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! This Valentine's Day, you will find yourself very much in tune with your partner or crush. This weekend is a great one for attached Aquarians to have heart-to-hearts with their loved ones and get some secrets off their chests. Now is the time for you to explain yourself, because people are not only willing to listen to you, they'll understand your complicated Aquarian ways much more easily than normal. If you're single, this is as good a time as any to reveal your feelings to your crush.

If you were born near Harry Styles' birthday, February 1, you may find that your friends will surprise you with some interesting news.


Pisces are extra psychically sensitive during this full moon, as the sun awakens their subconsciouses, revealing the hidden meanings behind everyday occurrences. You're likely getting a lot of invitations for dates, and this has been an excellent year so far for you to expand your horizons and meet new people. It's likely your taste in lovers has changed recently.

If you were born within a few days of Justin Bieber, March 1, expect to fall head over fins into a wild and consuming crush or to have your currently relationship reignited.