Watch Mariah Carey Shower Trey Songz With Love (And Glitter) In 'You're Mine' Video

Mariah Carey premieres her new 'You're Mine' video on MTV.

Mariah Carey what she wants, and in her new music video for "You're Mine (Eternal)," she's letting fans see her sexy fantasy with Trey Songz.

Mariah came straight to MTV to debut her romantic new video on Wednesday (February 12), just days before Valentine's Day and a few months before her new album The Art of Letting Go is expected to hit stores on May 6.

The clip opens with Carey perched up on a bed of rocks, sitting topless at the foot of a waterfall in a rainforest in Puerto Rico. "I can't seem to live without your love," she sings like a mermaid singing out for a lost love, covered in gold glitter, while holding herself for comfort (and not to expose herself too much).

The object of her affection is none other than Songz, who stands at a photo shoot with a Cuban link chain hanging off of his neck down to his bare chest. Throughout the duration of the video the two never meet, but Trey (who will appear on the song's remix) is clearly affected by Mariah's longing. He turns on his usual charm for the camera during his photo shoot, shyly posing and flashing a boyish grin. When Songz is alone in his bed at night, he tosses and turns uncomfortably as Mariah sings her song, which was produced by veteran hit maker Rodney Jerkins.

Carey goes own to pour her heart out, reminiscing over the good times before coming to the conclusion that the couple will go on forever, even if they aren't physically together. "I can't seem to give you up your mine," she belts out before Trey pulls back the white sheets in his bed to reveal the same gold glitter that is peppered all over Mariah's body.