Taylor Swift's Fans Want To Know Why She Needs 50 People For Haircut

Here are the best Twitter reactions to Tay's new 'do.

It feels like a perfect night to... GET YOUR HAIR CUT.

I, unlike the rest of the world, wasn't there to watch Taylor Swift get her locks chopped off last night, but that's what I imagine she was singing as the scissors closed down on her silky blonde mane. Tay took the Karlie Kloss route and went for a long, wavy bob, celebrating the end of her Red Tour.

And while many Swifties are grumpy that they weren't able to see history in the making like the others in Taylor's crew (Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevigne... and Harry Styles?!?), fans are just celebrating the beginning of a new era for the singer. With a new album in the works, Swift is moving past the intense hair-flipping of her Red days, and moving on.

Here are the best reaction tweets from Swifties:

Um, Haircut Party? That's New...

Everything has changed! But fans weren't quite sure why Taylor needed everyone there to witness it.

Well, that's depressing.

The Hate

Some people pulled out the word "ugly," but c'mon, you couldn't be more descriptive than that? You're just not trying.

The Love!

What do you expect from die-hard Swifties?

The Drama

Many found it odd that Taylor's new 'do caused so much debate, while others burned their fanmates for not loving the haircut immediately.

The Questions


It Just Fits The Mood!

I'm about to make a Beats playlist about this whole thing.

The Future