Lauren Oliver’s ‘Panic’ Is Nothing Like ‘Hunger Games,’ And That’s A Good Thing

In this YA novel, the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Bestselling young adult author Lauren Oliver is out with a new book titled “Panic” this spring and it’s based on a pretty obscure Grimm’s fairytale.

“[The story is called] something like ’The Boy Who Went Forth to Learn About the Shivers,'” Oliver said. “In that story the whole point is that [the boy] is too ’simple’ to know what fear is, and it kind of got me interested in what — other than a traditional definition of bravery — would make somebody more capable or less capable of overcoming fear?”

And thus, “Panic” was born. The book tells the tale of the small, poor town of Carp, New York, where every year graduating seniors compete in a game in which competitors are tasked with increasingly terrifying challenges. Points are deducted when contestants show fear and the winner, ultimately, scores a $50,000 pot of cash collected from every student over the course of the year.

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