Josh Homme: 'F--k Imagine Dragons, F--k The Grammys, F--k Everything'

Queens of the Stone Age frontman drops F-Bombs with aplomb during onstage rant.

Josh Homme is no fan of the Grammys, or Imagine Dragons, for that matter ... and the Queens of the Stone Age frontman ripped into both at a show in Houston earlier this week.

"This next song is by Imagine Dragons," Homme told the crowd at the Bayou Music Center during the intro to the ... Like Clockwork track "I Appear Missing." "Just f--king kidding. You gotta admit, you're all imagining dragons right now."

As fans jeered, Homme continued on:

"You know, f--k everything, f--k the man, f--k Imagine Dragons, f--k the Grammys, f--k all this sh--."

F--k, indeed. Of course, Homme wasn't just taking random shots: Imagine Dragons did beat his band for the Best Rock Performance Grammy, and QOTSA was part of the night's show-closing performance ... which was cut short by producers, much to the consternation of Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, who gave the Grammys "a heartfelt f--k you" following the slight.

Then again, the QOTSA frontman has been feeling rather salty recently. During a show in St. Petersburg, Florida, last week, he took umbrage with a fan who had wandered onstage, launching into a tirade that included choice cuts like "I don't care if you love me ... you're lucky I didn't f--k you up, bro" and "I'm here to play for you, not jerk you off, you f--king douchebag."

Queens of the Stone Age have just one date left on their current U.S. tour, at the Joint in Las Vegas on Thursday night ... but fear not, they've just announced another round of shows that kicks off in April — including a stop at the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama in May — meaning there will be plenty of chances to get your fill of onstage outbursts.