Paul Walker's Last Complete Movie, 'Brick Mansions,' Gets A Trailer

The action movie co-stars RZA and the inventor of Parkour.

The new trailer for "Brick Mansions" offers a first look at the last film "Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker completed before his death this past November, and it looks to be the kind of action movie that the late actor was best known for.

A remake of the French thriller, "District B13," "Brick Mansions" follows Damien (Walker), a cop that gets the job done no matter what. Damien is given the task of bringing down a crime lord (RZA) who has taken the city hostage with a neutron bomb, but he is going to need the help of an ex-con to save the day.

Did we mention that the ex-con is really good at Parkour? Because that's probably the most important part of the trailer. David Belle, literally the founder of Parkour, stars as Lino, the man who will eventually help Damien to infiltrate the fenced-off, crime-ridden community of Brick Mansions. All the action you see at the beginning is coming from the guy who invented that kind of thing. It's pretty awesome.

Between the Parkour and the moments of racing in the trailer, "Brick Mansions" looks like a kinetic action movie that separates itself from the pack in the terms of the kind of thrills it provides.

The film was the last one Walker completed before his death last year. He had been on a break from filming the seventh "Fast & Furious" movie at the time of accident, and many of his scenes were left incomplete. That film is being restructured around Walker's death, so "The Brick Mansions" is the last movie of his career that was completely unaffected.

"Brick Mansions" opens in theaters on April 25.