'Veronica Mars' Executive Producer 'Shocked' By Movie Brawl Win

Joel Silver thanks fans of the show for their support.

It would be easy to believe that Hollywood is a big machine, powered by corporate calculations with an insatiable appetite for endless explosion-filled sequels. And sometimes that belief is totally warranted, except when it's not.

In the case of the upcoming "Veronica Mars" movie, due out March 14, the project was almost entirely fan-powered, a fact that top brass aren't shy to admit.

Executive producer Joel Silver, during an interview for the upcoming actioner "Non-Stop," gave kudos to fans of the original TV series, which aired its finale in 2007, then last year raised $5.7 million via Kickstarter to find new life as a movie. (It's also worth being happily surprised all over again that fans raised more than $2 million, the project's original fundraising goal, in the first day of the campaign.)

This winter, fans went on to further prove their devotion to the project by supporting "Veronica Mars" all the way to the MTV Movie Brawl throne, beating out other fan favorites such as "Divergent" and "Vampire Academy." Silver called the movie's revival and Movie Brawl win "shocking" in an interview with MTV News.

"This was a dead project, he said. "It was off the air, it was done, no one was really interested in it. Rob Thomas and Kristen [Bell], they stayed on it and created this Kickstarter idea and they delivered."

Of course, Silver also gave the fans their due.

"MTV, thank you for being so supportive and your viewers of being supportive," he said. "I hope they go see it and they enjoy it too."