Dumb Starbucks Is Just The Latest Awesomely Bad Idea From ‘Nathan For You’

Comedy Central star who brought you racist caricaturist revealed as the prankster behind phony coffee shop.

What with the winter Olympics in Sochi 
, the first potentially out NFL player 
 and whatever this bacon floss is grabbing all the headlines, it takes a pretty bizarre story to steal the media’s attention. But leave it to hilariously deadpan comedian Nathan Fielder of Comedy Central’s “Nathan For You,” to find just the right prank to hog the camera.

Heard of “Dumb Starbucks?” Of course you have, because on a slow news weekend, the national media flocked to report on this bizarre coffee shop — since closed by health inspectors — which had people lined up for hours to get free cups of not-that-great joe.
And of course Fielder was behind it, because if you’ve ever watched “Nathan For You,” you know that the comedian with one of the most hilarious Twitter feeds around can sniff out a terrible business idea from a mile away.

And guess what? It’s perfectly legal! According to a video from Nathan, by adding the word “Dumb” to the name, the one-shop anti-franchise in Los Feliz, California, did, technically, fulfill the requirements needed to be designated a parody under U.S. copyright law. So, before they got shut down by the health department, we hope you were able to grab a Dumb Vanilla Blonde Roast some Dumb Tea or a Dumb Norah Jones Duets CD.

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