Be'GIF My Heart: The Drake, Beyonce And Bieber Valentine's Day Cards You Must Send

Nothing says 'I Love You' like a GIF of Taylor Swift crying.

You know how back in elementary school we made those paper mailboxes for Valentine's Day and everyone got a card? Those days were sweet — all glitter pens, conversation hearts and dreams. We were swimming in love, baby!

Now, we receive a mere smattering of cards from either sweethearts, our moms or supportive friends depressingly reassuring us that "you won't be alone forever — here, eat this giant box of chocolates by yourself."

Well, allow us over here at MTV News to furnish GIF-spun cards for all of those aforementioned situations — featuring, of course, pop stars of note like Drake, Justin Bieber and Bey.

Make sure to distribute them as liberally as a third grader on a sugar high clutching a package of Monster Truck V'Day cards and a dream.