Girls On ‘Girls’: Brooklynite Maddy’s Dog Is Such A Jessa

We asked real New York City women their thoughts on this week's episode of "Girls," "Free Snacks."

Here’s the thing about free snacks in office environments: Everyone loves them, but seemingly nobody knows how to act appropriately around them. It’s like spotting Tina Fey on the street — yeah, you love her, but you’re gonna be mad at yourself if you don’t approach her, but you’re also gonna feel pretty bad if you approach her. As we saw on this week’s episode of “Girls,” “Free Snacks,” Hannah knows the snack struggle is real. As it turns out, this week’s Girls on “Girls” special guest, 27-year-old Maddy Boesen, knows it too.

It seems that the discussion around “Girls,” a show centering around the lives of young women figuring it out in present day New York City, is led overwhelmingly by, well, not girls. Enter Maddy and the rest of our weekly Girls on “Girls” panelists, whose expertise on the show comes from living it.

Maddy is a social science researcher who hails from the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights. Read on to find out who in her life is such a Jessa, her office snack wisdom and the worst thing she’s ever said to a boss.

Are You A Girl?

I’m most-down with “lady.” “Woman” is fine, too.

Do You Relate To ‘Girls’ In General?
Oh, strongly, although more in relation to who I was four or five years ago than where I am now. In each episode of seasons 1 and 2, Hannah says something I have said verbatim. I enjoy anti-heroine stories in general, but there’s something about the specific opportunities one has in Brooklyn that nurtures Hannah’s dark side that resonates for me. (I’d like to think that my better self is a Leslie Knope.)

What’s Your Baggage?
My damn dog is totally a Jessa.

What Is A Moment From Last Night’s Episode That Felt Most Like Something You’d Do?
I probably embarrass myself with snack food at least weekly.

And Something You’d Never Do?
I’m too good at the Internet to ever have to stalk an ex in person.

Give Us A Sample Chapter Title For Your Mindy Kaling-Style Memoir.
All About My Bridesmaid PTSD

What’s the Best Office Snack You’ve Ever Had?
In nonprofit, there are always at least one or two good/generous bakers in the office, so you have to stay on their good sides if you want the best home-baked snacks.

What’s the Most Regrettable Thing You’ve Ever Said to a Boss?
“So if I call in sick today, I can’t come to the holiday party tonight?”

What Type Would You Add to the Field Guide For the Urban Male?
Scenester Emeritus: He’s not straight edge anymore, but won’t cover up the tattoos because they “represent his journey.” His hair is still thick enough for a pompadour. (Ugh, he’d never shop at Neiman Marcus. I’m not cut out for GQ.)