Benedict Cumberbatch Explains His Controversial ‘Sherlock’ Relationship

Exclusive clip from DVD/Blu-ray delves into key season three scenes.

The last episode of “Sherlock” wasn’t without its share of controversy, but one of the most gut-wrenching moments was when (spoiler) the titular detective revealed he wasn’t dating one of Watson’s wife’s best friends for love… It was to gain access to an adversary’s files.

The DVD/Blu-ray collection for season three, which hits stores February 11 from BBC Home Entertainment, includes a number of special features. But the one of most interest for fans who still debate the above sequence of events would be “Fans, Villains & Speculation: The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes,” featuring an interview with series producers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and star Benedict Cumberbatch, explaining the decision to have Sherlock break a woman’s heart; a feature we have an exclusive excerpt from below.

“In the original story, he does become engaged to Milverton’s maid,” Gatiss explains. “Heartlessly, which is what Steven has extrapolated into this thing.”

Gatiss and Moffat go on to laugh about how Watson’s (Martin Freeman) reaction to Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) was their reaction, as well. “But you’re behaving like a human being here!” Gatiss says, laughing.

“You think it’s nice, he’s become humanized,” Moffat continues. “He knows how to do all that, but he exploits it to terrible ends.”

“It’s devastatingly cruel, what he does,” Cumberbatch adds on a more somber note. “He inveigles his way back into her life and impresses her, and turns his ability on to a single focus.”

You can check out the rest of the feature, as well as two more exclusive to home video featurettes when the blu-ray and DVD hit stores on February 11.

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