How You Can (Maybe) Still Download Flappy Bird

Gone from the app store, but not forgotten.

That horrified squawking you heard from the smartphone-clutching masses over the weekend wasn't a reaction to a widespread bug or outage — no, it was because Flappy Bird will flap no more.

The game, a relatively new phenomenon created by developer Dong Nguyen, flew to the top of Android and iTunes app store charts in recent weeks. It's been available for download since May, but gained popularity only recently.

"I cannot take this anymore," Nguyen tweeted, announcing that he would pull the game from the stores, barring further downloads.

Well, that app flew the nest pretty quickly. Safe to say, addicts are in quite the flap.

Those mourning the loss of the simple game (the user simply had to navigate their basic bird avatar between Super Mario-style water pipes without crashing) have two options to get their game on in spite of Nguyen's reluctance.

If you were one of the many who deleted the addictive game from their phones in a fit of flappy rage, you're in luck: iPhone users can still access the app by checking under the "purchased" tab in the app store.

Even if you never ventured into the depths of Flappy Bird Land, it's still not too late for you — provided you've got the cash and determination. Phones with the app installed are selling for a song on eBay, with one in particular fetching a top bid of $99,900. Easy peasy.

In memoriam of the game, MTV News has collected a few of the most flap-happy tweets about the slain app.

Sam has standards.

Maham employs the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

Lily-May had some ideas on bird behavior.

Haley knows the value of a good pun.

Marcella could use a little clarification.

Ricky might benefit from some time apart.

Christian brings it around with a timely reference.