Beyonce's His 'n' His Valentine's Undies Are About Equality

Give the gift of sexy undies this V Day — no matter who your beau.

In addition to being a day for love, Valentine's Day is also the one day a year that someone else (besides your mom) buys you undies. In celebration of said skivvy-giving, Beyoncé is out with some intimate new merch and, like Bey herself, they're all-inclusive. No simple "his 'n' hers" for Yoncé.

Currently on Beyoncé's site fans can purchase many iterations of the "Yours & Mine Box Set": one for every kind of couple — be they gay or straight.

The "Mine" undies are a reference to a track off of her self-titled record, and the font spelling out the saucy words is the same as that found on her album cover.

Bey has been a long-time supporter of gay rights and gay marriage. Last year, at the start of California's Proposition 8 hearings, she took to Instagram to show her support for couples wanting to tie the knot, saying: "If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it," including, "We will unite 4 marriage equality!"

She also posted a photo of the Human Rights Campaign's red equal sign with the caption, "It's about time #equality #prop8 #marriageislove . . . show your support!"

V Day is already turning out to be Bey Day for a lot of lovers — one Brooklyn restaurant even has a Beyoncé-themed menu.

"We were just thinking about how to do something fun!" Zahra Tangorra, owner and chef of NYC's Brucie restaurant told E! News. "We have all been so obsessed with the new Beyoncé record and she has always been fabulous but her fabulousness is intensifying more and more. She is a true representative of everything fun, fabulous and sexy."

Fabulous and sexy indeed!