11 Things Shia LaBeouf Should Have Written On His Paper Bag

From joining the Daft Punk dudes to apologizing to a Transformer, we imagine a few better uses of the embattled actor's latest stunt.

Despite vowing to retire from public life last month after being outed as a naughty plagiarist, Shia LaBeouf is still making appearances to promote his upcoming film, "Nymphomaniac"... sort of.

Followed by a short-lived presence at a press conference -- from which the actor stormed out after making a single, cryptic comment about seagulls and sardines -- LaBeouf turned up at the film's premiere that night with a paper bag on his head, on which he had written the words, "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE."

Needless to say, we (and the hundreds of other media outlets covering the story) beg to differ about the veracity of that statement. So, if LaBeouf intends to wear le bag on a permanent basis, we'd like to suggest some alternatives.

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