James Franco Plans To Enter ‘The Room’ With Behind-The-Scenes Movie

The actor bought the rights to 'The Disaster Artist,' the book about the infamous film.

If you haven’t watched “The Room,” you’ve probably heard of it. The famously terrible movie from 2003 has become a modern folk legend because of its unfathomable awfulness and the mysterious circumstances under which writer-director Tommy Wiseau made it. Now James Franco is planning to cement its cult status even further by making a movie about it.

Deadline reported over the weekend that Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Productions had bought the rights to “The Disaster Artist,” a tell-all book about the production co-written by one of the stars of “The Room,” Greg Sestero.

Franco posted about the acquisition on Instagram and provided some further details about his plans for turning “The Disaster Artist” in a movie, including casting himself and his brother Dave.

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