Watch Russian Police Choir Sing 'Get Lucky' At The Opening Ceremony, And Don't Ask Questions

Because you haven't heard the Record of the Year until the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs sings it.

Oh, you though Daft Punk's funky and intelligent Record of the Year "Get Lucky" was perfect already? So did we, until the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Choir put their own weird, weird spin on it at the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday (February 7).

And the strangest part wasn't the head-bobbing/shoulder-grooving movement going on in row one, but rather, the fact that the guys have done this before. Just watch it. And don't ask questions.

When the 2014 Winter Olympics' official mascots (the hare, the polar bear and the leopard) weren't hogging the stage, there was also a performance by Russian duo t.A.T.u. — remember "All The Things She Said"? — who sang "Not Gonna Get Us."