Everything Is Awesome, Including Our Real-Life 'LEGO Movie' Poster

Life in plastic, now even more fantastic.

What's even better than the all-star voice cast of "The LEGO Movie," packed with the likes of Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett and Morgan Freeman? A poster for that all-star voice cast of "The LEGO Movie." Double better? A poster where you can actually see the faces of that all-star cast.

We're all about the primary-colored action of our favorite childhood toys come to (hilarious) life -- and really can't get the "Everything Is Awesome" anthem/earworm out of our heads -- but we also really, really like Chris Pratt's face.

Here at MTV News, we've arrived at a solution that combines the best of both worlds. We've seen all the LEGO-ified real-life objects and posters before, but how about this human-ified "LEGO Movie" poster?

Yeah, that's what we're talking about.

Feast your eyes on our creation above (complete with teeny tiny flying plastic Channing Tatum), and check out "The LEGO Movie," out in theaters today.