'Monuments Men' Cast Reveals George Clooney's Greatest Weakness

Bill Murray and Matt Damon know the star's darkest secrets and shared them with us.

Since the dawn of time, George Clooney has been an exemplar of handsomeness and gentlemanly cool. That's why MTV News has to bring him down.

But that, as it turns out, is a lot harder than we thought.

MTV News headed down to the red carpet premiere of "The Monuments Men" in New York City to see if any of Clooney's costars could clue us into how to bring the Oscar winner down.

The best we could come up with was a tip from Lord Grantham himself, Hugh Bonnevillle. The "Downton Abbey" actor shared a deep, dark secret that he learned while on the set of "The Monuments Men" that could eventually bring Clooney back down to our level.

Some of the other cast members doubted that Clooney could ever be taken from his throne, but did what they could to help. See what they suggested in the video above!

"The Monuments Men" opens in theaters on February 7.