Will Matt Damon Play Director? 'Monuments Star' Weighs In

Actor talks about following in the footsteps of friends Clooney and Affleck by pulling double duty.

Matt Damon can't do much wrong, considering he is an Oscar-nominated actor and screenwriter, but for "The Monuments Men," the actor didn't want to ruffle any feathers.

Though the film is based on an amazing true story, Damon noted the difficulty of relaying the story while leaving out factual details that might insult the people who were involved, and why George Clooney, who co-wrote and directed the film, ended up changing the names of the real-life people for the film.

"Hugh Bonneville's character has a drinking problem, for example," said Damon. "You don't want to use real people and then somehow offend their families."

While Damon and Clooney have been friends since "Ocean's Eleven," it doesn't seem like Damon had any problems taking direction from his friend.

"That's great, to get a call like that from a person you admire so much professionally, who also happens to be your buddy," said Damon.

Another one of his buddies, Ben Affleck, has also won acclaim after stepping behind the camera, and Damon talked about the possibility of pulling double duty by playing actor and director.

"I think the way in for someone like me or George or Ben is to play a role because they get you at a discount," said Damon. "I need leverage at my stage, they obviously don't need any. People are beating down their doors."

Clooney, who is both director and star of "Monuments Men," taught Damon a lot on set.

"I learned a lot from George," said Damon. "Particularly it was good watching an actor direct who's in the movie, because that's tough to do."

We can't wait to see what Damon's directorial debut will be (here's hoping it's the long-overdue Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season"), but until then, catch him, Clooney, and a phenomenal ensemble in "The Monuments Men."